Patrol Poley Australian Saddle

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SAD 820
Patrol Poley Brown No Horn Side

A special Saddle designed for extra long hours. A favorite with Police Departments and private mounted units. The secret to the saddle's success is a tree that covers as much of the horse's back as possible - resulting in low pressure for the horse. The saddle's weight starts at 23lbs, it has a 4" dip in a web-strung seat, and it features a wood/steel frame.

The Patrol Poley has been upgraded to big "D" rigging, working in conjunction with a double ring surcingle. The two girth rings are connected with a tackaberry lacing to a double-ring girth. First, the off-side is set with a tackaberry, and then left in that position. The on-side, of course, is where the final adjustment takes place.

Big "D" rigging directions: Drop the girth ring over the lip of the tackaberry buckle, then pass the end of the tackaberry lacing up and over the main ring attached to the saddle. Pull this down the backside and then go out through the top slot of the buckle. Then take the end of the nylon lacing up through the ring of the surcingle, with the point going toward the horse. Then pull this down the backside and pull it through the bottom slot of the buckle. Now cinch gently, tugging whenever necessary on the lacing to make sure the pull on both rings is even. When the desired tightness of girth is attained, thread the left-over lacing down through the girth keepers, and back up again, leaving a bit there to be pulled when un-cinching. The beauty of this system is that it firmly cinches the saddle with little effort. For quick cinching never undo the lacing, once it has been loosened enough to release the girth ring. Instead, leave it going through the girth ring and the surcingle ring.

This saddle comes with 2.5" color matched Campdraft Leathers (LEAT 960), double ring over-girth, nylon off-side strap, on-side tackaberry buckle with nylon strap, standard western stirrups (STIR 970), and a neoprene cinch.

Weight: without fittings approximately 23 lbs
(larger seat sizes will weigh slightly more)

Seat Depth: 4"

Kneepads: 4"

Panel Type: Acrylic Fleece

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