Equalizer Pad

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PAD 980
Equalizer Pad

The EQUALIZER SADDLE PAD is a major breakthrough in how to greatly reduce saddle pressure. The underside in l/2" layer of wool felt, and the top is tough perforated neoprene, and IN BETWEEN is sandwiched a layer of durable flexible plastic, also perforated for ventilation. It is scalloped out over the wither, and built with a dip to imitate the top line of most horses.

What this sheeting does -- on either side, leaving the spine clear -- is lateralize any pressure point of a saddle. It spreads out the bearing force in that area. The pad is ideal for making one saddle fit many different backs -- or many different saddles fit the same back!. With this pad, the saddle can actually fit badly, but the use of this pad will work to greatly decrease the chances of the horse developing a sore back. In the standard size, the pad is 28" in length at its longest, 30" in length on a long, and 32" wide at its widest.

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