Custom Fit Saddles

Mar 17th 2017

Custom Fit Saddles!

There are some things in life where there are endless varieties, where it is crucial that fitment is absolutely correct, and that need to have features designed for just how you use them. Think about automobiles, skis (or ski boots), or running shoes. All of these things are complex products with a wide variety of available options where one size definitely does not fit all. Saddles are no different! In fact, with a saddle there are two living and breathing creatures that change over time and both need to be properly fit. A poorly fitting saddle can make affect either the rider or the horse, or both, and make either uncomfortable.. or worse!

What Can I Do?
First of all, read our saddle fitment page and follow the instructions. Send us the sizing information, and if you have any questions about fitment or features call us and ask to speak to one of our expert saddle fitters!