Saddle Fitment

The Importance of Saddle Fitment

No two horses, and no two people, are the same shape.


Because of this, fitting a saddle to both the horse and its rider is a challenging task. Misfitting either of the "creatures" involved can result in discomfort, reduced performance, and a reduction in rider safety.

Buying a "standard size" from a high volume saddle retailer might work, or it might not.

Buying from eliminates the risk. We've designed our company, our product line, and our fitment methods to optimize the crucial primary contact point between horse and rider.


How Does Ensure a Perfect Fit?

1) We offer a wide variety of saddle models that are designed with different types of horses in mind.

2) Almost all of our saddle models are adjustable using special equipment in our facility, allowing us to tailor your saddle to your horse's measurements.

3) We employ highly trained, experienced saddle fitters who can use measurements and photos provided by you to make sure everything will work perfectly once the brown truck arrives with your new gear. Located in our offices near Denver, Colorado, our saddle fitters are happy to answer any questions you might have over the phone and can work with you to solve any problems you might have as a result of a "difficult to fit" horses or riders. With over 20 years of experience, our most senior saddle fitters have seen, and solved, virtually every fitment problem imaginable.

What Information Does Need for Perfect Fitment?

 1) A "wither tracing" for English and Australian style saddles. These saddles are intended to sit further forward on the horse, making the angle of the withers critical for fitment. See this link for instructions on how to make and send us a wither tracing.

2) A description of your horse including its breed, height, and weight. Photos of your horse, which will show us the shape and any unusual features of your horse's back. See this link for instructions on how to take fitment photos of your horse.

3) A "heart girth" measurement. This will help us ensure that we send you the correct size girth to go with the saddle you have selected. See this link for instructions on how to take a heart girth measurement.

4) Information about the rider, including height, weight, sex, and pant size. Feel free to also send us a full length photo. Of course, every person carries their weight in a different way. For Australian style saddles, we are particularly interested in your thighs given the importance of proper location of the saddle's poleys.



If you made a mistake with the wither tracing: Down Under is still there for you. After viewing the photographs we will advise you if you have the saddle correctly positioned on the horse and if the saddle fitment is correct. If the saddle fitment is not correct we offer you one additional saddle tree adjustment at no charge (a $60 value). You send the saddle to us freight pre-paid, along with a note with your phone number and return delivery address, we will adjust the saddle tree to suit the photographs and we will pay the return shipping back to you. Please allow up to five working days for the adjustment, plus the return shipping time.

Fitment for the horse and rider is our number one priority. Each original Down Under Direct customer is entitled to one custom adjustment at the time of purchase, and one additonal adjustment any time during the first year at no charge.